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EQEQ - Nature


Special offer for Christmas season50% off (USD 1.99 ---> USD 0.99)Dec 4 - Dec 31, 2015******************************************What if you can make something interesting by using clouds? Just drag and drop clouds, then kids imagination will be turned into reality!
Shape into whatever you want, by using various natural materials, like a leaf, waterdrop, stone, and snowball.Use the expression sticker to give your work a life.
Challenge to [Puzzle] stages.If you complete the puzzle, you might meet a swimming fish, or a dinosaur eating a hamburger!Touch the screen, and find out what will happen.∙ [Puzzle] Stages consist of the following : Taxi, Girl, Fish, Crab, Cat, Hamburger, Space, Sky
Design your own creative work!In [Create] stage, you can make whatever you want by using various natural materials and funny expression stickers. Turn your imagination into the reality! 
Its also possible to save the image to treasure it or show your parents and friends.
∙ 30 kinds of high-resolution object images∙ Various tools to transform; Scale/Rotage/Flip∙ Good for kids to develop their abilities in expression, practical application, and creativity∙ Fantastic background music∙ It intrigues kids by encouraging them to clear each level. ∙ Interaction between kid and Puzzle Stage through animation rewards and touches. ∙ Save & Share functions
The EQEQ Series is the contents for mobile/tablet devices to reinterpret the painting techniques of an Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, for kids.Kids can enjoy the contents in a more interesting and creative way, through simple control and dynamic object.